Glisten Collection
Inspired by 17th century European designs, this collection works extremely well with different styles and looks. Hand crafted in China, This collections have all silk flowers with only wool background and boarder. Available from 2x3 to 9.6x13.6 with 2 round and runner sizes.

Sk-10 Ivory / Lt. Beige

Sk-11 Black / Ivory

Sk-12 Red / Ivory

Sk-13 Pale Green / Ivory

Sk-15 Ivory / Pale Rose

Sk-16 Mauve / Ivory

Sk-17 Lt. Blue / Ivory

Sk-19 Beige

Sk-24 Ivory / Red

Sk-21 Lt. Green

Sk-29 Red

Sk-22 Brown

Sk-28 Lt. Brown

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